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Andes Cross Collection / The Andes Cross is an Inca Symbol. The contour of the square jagged “cross” is repeatedly used in artwork and architecture from the Inca culture. I have drawn out the flat contour to a full figure in three dimensions – alike on all sides. The collection includes ear studs, earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets.

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Andes Cross Collection

As mentioned earlier, Andes Cross is inspired by the Inca symbol of the same name. When looking at the collection now I also think of the Dutch artist Escher and his many graphic drawings. He plays with 3D effects and different figures that merge in and out of each other on the sheet. Many people associate the collection with Minecraft due to the pixelated expression, while others call the collection small pyramids.  

The flat Andes Cross symbol becomes three-dimensional when I drag it in all directions – a jagged cube. This way the piece gets a sculptural shape consisting of small cubes in 2×2 mm. Despite the very edgy expression I still think the design has something feminine and delicate to it as a consequence of the tiny scale. It’s possible to set small diamonds in the outermost cubes to add some extra sparkle.