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Twist Collection / Twist is my only collection where the precious metal shares the leading part with pearls or stone beads. The collection has become my reinterpretation of the classic pearl jewellery. In my pieces the pearls are reinvigorated by the interaction with circles of gold or silver. The first design of the collection was a pair of long earrings inspired by an Art Deco lamp. Later, the design has grown into a full collection including ear studs, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants.

Twist Collection

The structure of the Twist modules is very simple; a cut up circle of round thread I twist so the diameter of the pearl fits into the opening gap. The pearl is seemingly just stuck there, but a pin goes through to secure it.
I like to see the effect when several Twist modules are put together for a chain or a bracelet. It adds life and sparkle to the jewellery when the connected links twist and turn. For example, the Twist pearl necklace is a beautiful updated version of the classic pearl strand.  

The Twist collection is very divers. A Twist piece made with gold thread and pearls results in a delicate and feminine expression, whereas oxidized silver with Labradorite stone beads gives a more raw look. When it comes to materials and composition there is an infinite number of possibilities to vary the collection, so the piece becomes personal and unique according to your wishes.

The collection is 100% handcrafted and can be purchased only in the store at Gråbrødretorv 3 or in the webshop.