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Fold Collection / The collection was originally a series of unique jewellery, and each piece was cut and bent and twisted differently. However, a couple of designs got stuck and is repeatedly made, e.g. the bracelet and the earrings. The collection includes earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants. With some Fold jewellery I have worked with Tahitian pearls and diamond pavé.

Fold Collection

The Fold earrings are among my personal favorites. They fully comply with my idea that earrings should look great from all angles and not only from the front. They frame the face elegantly and adds some volume, while still easy to wear.
The Fold earrings are a kind of deconstructed “hoop” earring. A large circle cut up and reassembled in a new composition with a much more sophisticated expression.
The Fold bracelet is a classic oval bangle bracelet with a twist – or rather: two sharp bends. They make it stand out and not too simple. The beautiful bracelet can be made in different thicknesses, according to each liking.

Continuously, I create more unique pieces in the Fold Collection, either on commision or for sale in the store.