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Tube Collection /  This is a graphic and minimalistic collection suited for both men and women alike. It has a bold and strong look. The Tubes come in many different designs and sizes, so you can mix and match them as you feel like. Both with other Tubes and other jewellery pieces. The ear studs and earrings in the Tube Collection are sold per piece rather than a set. This is to encourage you to play around and use different styles together  – especially if you have several piercings. Of course, you can also buy a set and go for a symmetrical and sleek look.

Besides the many ear styles, the collection has pendants for chains, rings, bracelets and cuff links.

I have also made some special Tube showpieces for a runway event – huge silver tubes assembled for a really striking look.

If you like the graphic Tube Collection, take a look at the Flake Collection, too.

Tube Collection

Tube is one of the collections that have been created… more coming soon